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2013 has proved to be a wonderful year: the absolute highlight were the successes of both my sons Jef and Louis in the Veiolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition: Jef had a Highly Commended images in the 11-14 years age category and Louis did even better because he was the winner of the 10 years and under category. Have a look at the images here http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit-us/wpy/gallery/2013/young.html

I also had quite a few succesful images: 


An image of three Dalmatian Pelicans was awarded with a Highlight in the Bird Category of the Glanzlichter competition of 2013. This is the third time I am successful in this competition (after 2008 and 2010).

I have just added a new page on the site with a lot of Dalamtian pelican images. They were made in the last two winters when I visited this winderful lake twice.


The last weeks I received good news from two contests:

My son Jef (12 years old) also participated in this competition and he won the second and third prize of the Youth Category.

We both had several other finalists in this competition but you would have to scroll on The Blog of Mr. Morris which I can really advise because you can really improve your photographic skills as he is the most wonderful teacher.


Happy new year!!! I finally added some new images in the garden birds-, water birds-, India- and la Dombes portfolios. I also added a new portfolio with images made in the Brazilian Pantanal


My image of a family of Langur Monkeys was awarded with an honorary mention in the Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice Competition. This competition is regarded as one of the main wildlife photography competitions worldwide. This year the competition received more than 20000 entries.


My image of an Alpine Ibex in a snow storm was awarded with an "honorary mention"in the fauna category of the FOTOCAM competition in Spain.


An image of an Alpine Ibex in a snow storm is among the winners in the FOTOCAM 2010 photo competition (Spain). There were more then 17000 entries which makes this wildlife photography competition one of the biggest in Europe.


So far 2010 has been quite successful. Images have been awarded in the Glanzlichter photo competition (Germany)and in Natures Best Backyard Competition (USA).
I have also two winning images in the AFPAN photo competition (France). The results will be announced in november 2010.


An image of a male great crested grebe dancing on top of a female has won the "special prize of the jury all categories" at the AFPAN International Photofestival in Montier en Der in France.
Furthermore I also won the third prize in the series category.


After a long time I have finally added some new images; I have created a new roe deer category.


An image of a common tern emerging from the water with a fish in its beak has won the second prize in the Grasduinen photo competition (The Netherlands). The same image was also selected as a finalist in the Argus photo competition (Belgium)


I have been awarded with the title of "NVN Natuurfotograaf van het jaar 2009". This is the first time I have become the overall winner of a photo competition. You can find all the winning images on the NVN website


I have the honor to be invited as one of the BVNF presenters on the BVNF International Photo Festival in Bornem, Belgium that takes place on december 12th, 13th and 14th 2008. Among the other presenters are Dietmar Nill, Fabrice Cahez, Bernard Castelijn, Tonu Ling, Kaj Jensen, Jan Roofthoofd, Danny laps and many others. More info can be found on the festival website


Finally, after a year without uploading any new images, I am getting a little more active again: I have added images of La Dombes, France where I went in spring and this summer. I also added new images to the Camargue page. Furthermore I have created a new page with awarded images because in the last two years I have had quite a few succesful images at major International Photo competitions. I hope you enjoy them.


One of my Running Ostriches images is the winner in the "Artists On Wings" category at the Glanzlichter International Photo Competition


2008 is beginning with a nice start. Participating for the first time in the ASFERICO International Photo Competition, I had one of my favourite Bewick's swans images selected as a highlight in the category Nature In Motion. To see the winning images, please have a look at the Asferico website


This year, David has succesfully participated in several photocompetitions.
After reaching the final judging rounds in the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition,
a portrait of lionesses was highly commended in the European Wildlife Photographer of the year 2007 photocompetition organised by the GDT in Germany.

A portrait of a yellow mongoose and an action photo of two ostriches were succesfull at the AFPAN International Photofestival in Montier en Der in France. You could also vote for your favourite image in the internet vote of this competition.

Furthermore an image of a grebe was among the selected images in the Grasduinen photocompetition to appear in the Grasduinen agenda. The same image has won the third prize at the Vogelfestival photocompetition.

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