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David Pattyn (1969) (picture by Johan van de Watering) has always had a special interest for natural history. Because of his work , he moved from Belgium to the Netherlands in 1998 and now lives in Oisterwijk since 2005. A self-taugt photographer, wildlife photography has become a passion with a particular interest for birds, mammals and landscapes. Trips to foreign destinations are sometimes made but photography close to home is equally challenging because in this way he is able to get to know his subjects really well. He likes to work on the same subject for longer periods to get better results.
Non of the images you see on this website have been manipulated beyond the usual whitebalance, contrast- and colorcorrections. The animals you can see are wild animals and have been photographed in their original habitat. Some of the animals have been attracted with food. There are no images of animals in captivity.


David has won several awards at national and international photo contests.










All photographs appearing on this website are the property of David Pattyn. No form of reproduction is allowed without written permission.

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