HKST-BEMS Energy Measurement & Cost Control Management Platform

HKST-BEMS Energy Measurement & Cost Control Management Platform


The HKST-BEMS energy metering and cost control management platform consists of two major modules: prepaid management software and remote meter reading software. Through remote management software, system parameter settings and device archiving can be carried out; IC card users have the functions of opening accounts, recharging, supplementing cards, correcting, and changing meters; Remote recharge, emergency card writing, and meter correction functions for users; User data settlement and payment functions, as well as query, analysis, and statistics of various data.

The remote centralized meter reading software mainly realizes communication with the concentrator terminal of the collector, including concentrator parameter setting, parameter reading, reading current data, daily frozen data, monthly frozen data, timed meter reading and meter on/off valve, remote recharge, and other operations.

The system is easy to operate, easy to use, with strong data security and convenient function expansion, and can meet the daily data monitoring and business fees of customers. Moreover, the system has rich query, statistics, and printing functions, supporting customers to define and modify business report templates themselves.


  • Management version of the “palm treasure APP/mini program or access to the enterprise official account
  • Mobile terminal energy query,recharge payment via third-party payment
  • Remote meter reading,recharge,and closing of the management end,and SMS reminder alarm for user arrears
  • System cloud platform architecture,users do not need to configure the server and monitoring center environment
  • Meter full power measurement,account opening and recharging,overdraft electricity consumption,malignant load identification function
  • Support daily,monthly annual electricity query,bar chart,pie chart,trend chart energy display
  • Meter reading fee control management binding property fee collection,arrears automatic alarm or brake.
  • Wireless communication:NB-IoT,GPRS,4G,LoRa,WiFi,Aigbee supportable

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HKST-BEMS Energy Measurement and Cost Control Management Platform